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Mr. Mohammed Ayat

Mohammed Ayat, Doctorat d’Etat (Ph. D.) University Toulouse I, France (1979), Senior Legal Advisor to the Prosecutor of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda (1997-2012); Professor of Law at Sidi Mohamed Ben Abdallah and Mohammed V University (1979 to date); Vice-Dean of the “Faculté de droit de Fes” (Fes Law School) (1990-1993); Head of the Private Law Department, in Fes (1982-1990) and Rabat-Souissi, (1994-1997); Attorney authorized to plead before the Moroccan Supreme Court (since 1993); Judge and Deputy Prosecutor (1971-1975); Member of the United Nations Human Rights Committee (September 2008 to August 2009); President of the Staff Union of the United Nations International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda, Office of the ICTR based in Rwanda (2000-2005); Member of the Editorial Committee of “Studies in International and Comparative Criminal Law, New Series from Hart Publishing”; Founding member of a research forum called ILM (Islam Law and Modernity/Islam droit et modernité) based at Durham University, Netherland; Senior Fulbright fellow twice at Rutgers University (1989 and 1994), USA; Senior fellow researcher at Max Planck Institute, Germany (1996); Associated to a worldwide project on Post-Conflict Justice based at the International Institute of Higher Studies of Criminal Sciences, Italy, as expert for North Africa; Reports on the Moroccan and Algerian experience on Transitional Justice published in « The Pursuit of International Criminal Justice : A World Study on Conflicts Victimization, and Post-Conflict Justice, Intersentia, Oxford 2010; Contributed to the drafting of the sponsored U.N. Model Codes of Transitional Criminal Justice as expert for the Arab and Islamic world (Codes published in 2008); Contributed to the presentation of the periodical reports submitted by the ICTR Prosecutor and Under Secretary General before the United Nations Security Counsil; Personal representative of the ICTR Prosecutor and Under Secretary General to the United Nations before the Rwandan Government and Diplomatic Community accredited in Rwanda (2003-2012); Representation of the ICTR Prosecutor and Under Secretary General to the United Nations in several international conferences ; Periodically contributes to training of Arab and African Lawyers on International Criminal Law, within programs initiated by the International Bar Association notably in The United Kingdom, The Arab Emirate, Uganda and Rwanda; nominated, by the International Bar Association, member of an International Fact Finding Mission on the independence of the Syrian Bar and Judiciary (March 2011); Provided several consultancies for International Human Rights Institutes and Human Rights NGOs, notably for the Human Rights Institute at DePaul University, Chicago, USA; Geneva Initiative, Netherland, and the former Moroccan Advisory Council for Human Rights; Published books on criminology, Moroccan penal law and procedure and several articles on International Criminal Law in specialized national and international journals, in Arabic, French and some in English.