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Inauguration of the CCDH Regional Section in Oujda

The Advisory Council on Human Rights (CCDH) inaugurated officially its regional administrative section in Oujda, east of Morocco, on February 6, 2009.

The CCDH has already launched two regional sections in Laayoune and Agadir. These sections aim to strengthen the CCDH action at the local level, according to a proximity policy which is based on the Paris Principles.

Thus, the Oujda Section shall be entrusted with ensuring referral and reception of citizens, promoting the human rights culture through making national and international instruments available to the public, holding outreach and training activities and drawing up programs to promote economic, social and cultural rights taking into account the local particularities.

Also, it shall be in charge of monitoring cases of human rights violations and filing relevant reports to the CCDH, receiving, examining and filing preliminary opinions to the CCDH as regards complaints, and individual and collective requests on human rights issues, following up and facilitating the implementation of the Equity and Reconciliation Commission’s recommendations at the regional level, as regards individual compensation, medical cover and community reparation, carrying out studies and probes and drawing up periodic reports on the status of human rights in the region.